Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Memories from our trip to Greece
Over a month has past since our trip to Greece, but still it keeps coming back to my mind. It was a joy traveling with Tiina, and we managed to get by the storm and the traffic jam by keeping up good humor.

The 4,5 hour bus drive was forgotten when our hosts gave us a warm welcome and a lovely dinner in a cosy tavern. It was nice to meet all of you guys for the first time.
Saturday was a day full of new experiences: an informative meeting at the school, a visit to the museum and to the amazing stalagmite caves. And then the wonderful tastes and atmosphere at the wineyard, a visit to the village. In the evening again eating a wonderful dinner and as a surprise, a possibility to visit the practice of Christo’s choir, that was something!

Sunday at the Athens was full of amaze of all the beautiful history of Greece in the museum and at the Akropolis. It was an experience also to eat a dinner wearing a woolen hat – I was freezing at the outdoor terrace –Finland is not the only cold place- I was freezing in Greece ;)
Thank you all, waiting to see you in Finland!


The village on the mountains

Saturday night dinner

Breakfast before return trip on Monday morning