Tuesday, September 1, 2015

All good things come to an end.................

Time flies...two whole years passed and we all experienced the last mobility.

Thursday 02/07/15
A delayed flight,lost luggage,lots of stress,lots of drama ...but around 10 p.m. we finally made it and reached Barcelona.Despite our exhaustion we decided to join everyone at EOI Cornella and even share the last dance of the party.Our beloved friends,their exhuberance really boosted our mood and compensated us for all that we had been through.

Friday 03/07/15
In the morning, we visited EOI Cornella and were given an introduction into the rich Catalan culture through a video presentation.Time to head outdoors!
First, we visited an industrial colony called colonia Guell built by Antoni Gaudi.Students from EOI Cornella, had prepared treasure hunt like activities and gave us a tour of the colony.We admired the impressive architecture and Gaudi's first work of art the Cripta Guell church.After our first visit we were sure..there were many adventures awaiting us.

The weather was boiling hot and we all wanted to cool down.How? by going to the beach! next stop Sitges.Long sandy beaches,palm trees, the exotic air of Sitges captivated us immediately.We had a picnic on the beach,swam and relaxed.Then divided into groups we self-explored the town .Back to Cornella for a tour in Cornella de Llobregat by the local students.

The tours were over and we were all looking forward to the white night party.Dressed in our total white outfits everyone was merry and excited.We tasted the Catalan delicacies that the students had prepared and then participated in the cultural quiz , which was about all the project partners.

After the quiz we watched a digital photo album with photos from all the mobilities.Watching our ''Communitek story '' unravel in front of us like that was very heart touching and we all got emotional.We exchanged unique gifts and gasped as the fireworks display started.A last surprise was yet to be revealed.Within walking distance we visited the rehearsal of the Castellers , a local human tower group.Strong traditional roots and an admirable technique, their show was very impressive.

Saturday 04/05/15
Tha day started with lessons.We and the Finns had Spanish for absolute beginners,taught by Laura.Laura was a very inspiring teacher and the lesson was entertaining,informative and qualitative.All the teachers gathered ideas on how to enhance our lessons.

The next lesson was a culinary one.With the guidance of Jose we cooked traditional dishes that we were going to eat later on.Traditional catalan dishes with a modern twist! Jose was a great teacher and everyone enjoyed the activity.By the end of the lesson the dishes looked delicious and we all exchanged traditional recipe ideas.Before lunch we all gathered at the schoolyard around a big tree and were taught how to dance ''sardana'' a traditional local dance.

After lunch we participated in the last activity , a Barcelona treasure hunt! Divided into groups and by being given clues we had the chance to walk all around Barcelona,see all the famous attractions and breathe in the beauty of the city.

The end of the treasure hunt was the Magic fountains of Montjuic! A magical end for a magical day and a magical program! Surrounded by the colourful and romantic lights of the fountains while listening to the serene music we cherished the moment.Our last dinner took place in a restaurant nearby where we all unwinded and exchanged farewell hugs.

Sunday 05/07/15


On Sunday ,since our flight was really late at night we visited the Barcelona stadium and explored the city centre even more.

We would like to thank very much Oriol and his colleagues for initiating and organising the program and for making the last mobility trully memorable.It was an honour and an absolute pleasure working with all of you!

May our bonds remain strong and may we meet again!

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